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Musang King Durian

Musang King Durian

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Musang King is finally back!

Our Musang King durians are imported by air from Southeast Asia. Only a small quantity are kept in stock. We shall inform you stock avaibility within 24 hours after placing order.

Our Musang King durians are normally weighted over 2kg. If available durian is less than 2kg, we shall refund the difference.

Musang King (D197) is the most popular durian breed from Malaysia, rendered in Chinese as "Mao Shan Wang" (猫山王), which is usually the priciest of all cultivars.[citation needed] The origin of the name “Musang King” dates back to the 80s, when a man named Tan Lai Fook from Raub, Pahang stumbled upon a durian tree in Gua MusangKelantan. He brought the tree branch back to Raub for grafting, and this new breed attracted other cultivators. The cultivar was named after Gua Musang, its place of origin, while the Chinese name references the palm civet, the Malay meaning of musang.

Image for illustration purpose only, the real product may differ.

Origin of product: Southeast Asia

Be aware of the smell and carry the fruit with baking gloves on!

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