DOUFU Means Tofu, Your London Oriental Grocer


Tofu is one of the most widely subscribed food in Southeast Asia. It is loved by people because it is vegetarian but meat alike texture and nutritions. Hence we are named Tofu Mart Ltd to delivery authentic, evolving, healthy and modern Southeast Asian food so that local Londoners can enjoy the delight of the Far East food and travellers from the East will not miss home food while enjoying London.
Doufu means Tofu in Chinese pinyin.The brand was created during Covid. Because Andy who has been in the London for over 20 years could hardly book a delivery slot from the big name supermar- ket chains.With rich living experiences and being a big foodie he dug into this issue and started buying fruits and veg from New Covent Garden Market, meat from Smithfield and seafood from Billingsgate for family and friends.

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