Tong Ho



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茼蒿 300g

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a plate of tong ho for hot pot+小天鹅鸳鸯火锅底料+王致和芝麻酱+王致和大块腐乳
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Tong Ho

Tong Ho (chrysanthemum coronarium) is part of the Daisy family (Compositae). This is an annual herb, which grows to 30 cm high, and can reach over 60 cm when flowering. It originated in the Mediterranean area, spreading throughout Europe and into Africa and Asia. It is very popular as a green vegetable in Japan, China and Taiwan.

The sales of Tong Ho have increased in the last 20 years due to the increasing population of Vietnamese in London.

The Tong Ho’s unique chrysanthemum taste makes it a popular ingredient for the Chinese winter hot pot fondue. This fondue is basically the use of a stock instead of cheese. Tong Ho is also used to compliment beef, lamb and other meat stews.


Tung Ho or Chong Ho (Cantonese), Tong Hau, Chrysanthemum Greens, Garland Chyrsanthemum, Tung hao or Hao zi gan (Mandarin), and in Japanese Shungiku (spring chrysanthemum), Shingiku or Kikuna.

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