Yinlu Mixed Congee Lotus Seed & Corn



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Congee is a traditional rice porridge dish popular in almost all Asian countries, although with much cultural differences. Here you find Yinlu brand’s Chinese style mixed cereal congee in 280g canned packets. This ready to drink soup style mixed congee features lotus seed and corn as the special flavours also having oats, pumpkin, peanuts, soybeans, wheat, buckwheat and other ingredients.

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Ingredient: Water, Sugar, Corn (7.5%), Oat (Gluten)(5%), Pumpkin (4.5%), Soybeans (4%), Peanuts (3.5%), Wheat (Gluten)(3%), Barley (Gluten) (3%), Buckwheat (2%), Sesame (1.6%), Lotus Seed (1.4%), Sorghum (1.4%), Millet (1.2%), Tremella (1%), Emulsifier (E473, E452i), Stabiliser (E385), Salt.



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