Want Want Lonely God Potato Twists Vegetables Flavour



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Want Want Lonely God Potato Twists is a crispy baked potato twists snack in the shape of Rotini pasta, and are coated with a variety of delicious flavours. These snacks are a perfect balance of sweet, savoury, and salty paired with a light and fragrant aroma.

Want Want Lonely God Potato Twists, Vegetables Flavour are crispy Chinese chips made from potato four. These baked potato twists have a distinctive spiral shape and are dusted in a yummy Vegetables flavour. The Vegetables flavouring gives it a light and delicious saucy taste.

Want Want Lonely God Potato Twists snacks were light in colour, with a small amount of savoury flavour powder on the surfaces. They tasted good, with a flavour that was both sweet and salty, and they were soft to bite into, with a light potato crisp consistency. It is a great snack or used for relaxed entertaining.

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