RF Peanut Mochi



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Mochi is a much-loved staple ingredient and rice dessert made both skillfully and sweetly to bring out some of Japan’s most decadent flavours. By soaking glutinous rice overnight and masterfully hammering it into a thick paste, using a special long wooden hammer and pestle, each square or cube is ceremoniously prepared usually around new year and festivals to draw crowds and create a delicious spectacle. Known for its chewy and squishy texture mochi makes the perfect bitesize treat to enjoy your favourite dessert fillings and is surprisingly versatile in Japanese cooking, adding a stringy cheese-like texture to dishes like okonomiyaki and ozoni.

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Maltose (25%), Glutinous Rice (25%), Peanut Paste [Peanut , Sugar, Vegetable Oil (Palm Oil, Rapeseed Oil), Salt, Peanut Flavour] (20%), Sugar (15%), Thickening Agent (E1442) (5.00%), Palm Oil (5.00%), Peanut (4.97%), Preservative (E200) (0.03%)

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