No Brand Purple Sweet Potato Chip



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This snack is definitely going to make you come back for more as it is delicious and is one of the best products from No Brand.

Unlike other chips, No Brand’s Purple Sweet Potato Chip’s replace salt with granulated sugar and tastes salty and sweet. Eating the chips one by one while watching a show you are bound to finish the whole can. It is very popular.

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Purple Sweet Potato Powder, Palm Olein Oil [Palm Olein Oil, E320 (Antioxidant)], Dried Potato Flake, Tapioca Starch, Sweet Flour Seasoning [Sugar, Beet Red, Refined Salt, E621 (Flavour Enhancer), E551 (Silicon Dioxide), Palm Olein Oil, Vanila Flavour], Sugar, Refined Salt, E955 (Artificial Sweetener)



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