KSF Instant Noodles – Pickled and Beef 114g



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Noodles: wheat flour, palm oil, potato starch, acetate starch salt, wheat gluten, compound acidity regulator(E501, E500, E339, E450, E451, E452, flavour enhancer: E621, E635), compound thickener(soybean protein, corn starch, E415, E401, E466), compound colour(E965, E101), antioxidant: E307)

Sauce pack: palm oil, pickled chilli(chilli, salt, food additives:Preservative: E260, E330, E316, acidity regulator: E450), red onion, pickled chilli(chilli, salt, Preservative: E260), pickled ginger(ginger, salt, Preservative: E330), salt, antioxidant: E307, colour: E160, acidity regulator: E270

Seasoning pack: salt, sugar, yeast extract, seasoning powder(sugar, soy sauce, salt, spices(aniseed, cassia, fennel, myricia), glucose, Acid hydrolyzed vegetable protein seasoning, food additives: flavour enhancer: E621, E635, sweeter: E965, Preservative: E330, antioxidant: E307, Colour: E150), food additives: flavour enhancer: E621, E635, Preservative: E330, colour: E150, sweeter: E965

Vegetable pack: dehydrated vegetable(dehydrated carrot dehydrated onion), artificial Beef(soybean products, soy sauce, suga, salt, flavour enhancer: E621), seasoning powder(sugar, salt, flavour enhancer: E635, acidity regulator: E451, E452, E339), seasoning oil(vegetable oil, garlic, ginger, food additives: antioxidant: E307,colour: E160), seasoning starch(starch, sugar, corn oil, salt, food additives: sweeter: E420, acidity regulator: E452, E450, E339, colour: E160, antioxidant: E307)

Pickled vegetable: pickled leaf mustard(leaf mustard, salt), pickled chilli(chilli, salt), pickled ginger(ginger, salt, Preservative: E330), chilli with oil,salt, sugar, spices(aniseed, cassia, fennel, myrcia), food additives: flavour enhancer: E621, acidity regulator: E270

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