Imperial Choice Premium Iron Buddha Tea bags 50g


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Ingredients and allergens
Tie Guan Yin Tea
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Imperial Choice Premium Iron Buddha Tea bags 50g 御茗铁观音
A richly roasted oolong tea steeped in Chinese legend.

Honoured as one of most complex blends of warming oolong green tea, reach uplifting heights of tea enjoyment with these simple everyday teabags from Imperial Choice. Otherwise known as Tieguanyin and brewed in the rich oolong origins of China’s Fujian province, this deeply roasted blend removes the bitter sharpness encountered in most green teas, allowing you to soothe with the woody, full and nutrient-enriched essence of the remaining tea leaves. Luxuriously burnt red in colour and a wonder for the skin and the stomach, treat your body to the metabolic goodness and natural energy this robust tea provides.



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