HDL Self-heating Hot Pot – Vegetable Hot Pot- Spicy Flavour



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Bring the wow factor to dinner with this self-heating hotpot! Short on time of just don’t feel like cooking? With just a 15 minute heating process this is perfect for everyone. Tuck into this spicy vegetable flavour.

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Ingredients (Allergens in bold): Spicy flavour hot pot seasoning: soybean, oil, salt, chilli pepper 1%, broad bean paste (chilli pepper, broad bean, water, salt, wheat flour), sichuan pepper 0.4%, grain spirit, ginger, garlic, sugar, spring onion, fermented soybean (soybean, water, salt, wheat flour), yeast extract, white pepper, fennel, star-anise, cassia, liquorice, orange peel, flavouring, flavour enhancer (E635). pickled vegetables: salted lotus roots16% [lotus roots, salt, preservative(E223/sulphites)], potato 15%, wood ear 15%, salted kelp (kelp, salt), salted bamboo shoots 12% [bamboo shoots, salt, preservative(E223/sulphites)], water, salt, acidity regulator (E330), flavour enhancer (E621, E635), preservative (E202). Bean vermicelli: peas, mung beans, water.



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