GKF Oolong Tea -Strawberry Jasmine



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red olive sugar alcohol tea, brown rice, oolong tea, black rice water extract, coix powder, polyethanol (surface sesame oil fibre), C, sodium hydrocarbon, edible essence.

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GKF Oolong Tea -Strawberry Jasmine 元氣森林無糖燃茶-草莓茉莉烏龍 500ml

Concentrated export fibre–7.5g per bottle, equivalent to 3 apples, requires 30% of the edible fibre every day; sugar-free–uses natural plant sugar to replace “erythritol”, an unknown change, Does not cause osmanthus tea teeth; hand-picked fresh tea, one-time extraction-Anxi golden osmanthus as the raw material for oolong, the soup colour osmanthus golden tea, has a strange fragrance.



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