Colacao Roll Cake Milk Flavour Filling

240g (30g*8 packs)


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It’s a childhood memory snack of many 90’s Chinese. it’s a fluffy cake coated with cocoa with milk flavour filling.

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Product of China

Ingredients: Cocoa butter chocolate: Fully hydrogenated palm kernel oil, sugar, cocoa powder, Oligomer Heteromaltose, whey powder, Skim Milk powder, Emulsifier(E 1 413), polyglycerol ricinolate, salt, coulandin, Edible essence cake clip heart:artificial cream, sugar, preservative (E202), eat essence wheat flour, corn starch, salt wheat flour, water. Granulated sugar, malt syrup, egg, com starch, compound with Emulsifying stabilizer: Emulsifier (E420, E471, E475), Preservative (E1520), sorbitol anhydride with monostearate, Propane glycol fatty acid esters, Potassium dlipite, water: cocoa powder, edible alcohol, complementary Bentonite: acidity regulator (E339, E500) , Colorant (E170) , Calcium phosphate Primary, even glycerol fatty acid esters, Corn starch; albumen powder, edible essence Preservative(E202), salt.



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