AllgrooKimchi Fried Rice(210g x 2)

210g x 2


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Ingredients:Water,Rice 30%,Preparation of Cabbage Korean Style “Kimchi”(Chinese Cabbage,Red Pepper Powder,Green Onions,Onions,Garlic,Ginger,Salted
Fish[Fish,Salt],Salt,Water,Glutinous Rice Flour), preparation of radish Korean Style “Kimchi” 9% (Radish,Red Pepper Powder,Salted Shrimps,[Shrimps,Salt],
Salted Fish,[Fish,Salt],Garlic,Ginger,Green Onions,Salt,Flavour Enhancer:E635,Wheat Flour, Sugar),Green Onions,White Cabbage,Carrots,Oyster Sauce,
(Oyster Extract,Fructose-Glucose Syrup,Maltose Syrup,Modified Starch,Wheat Flour,Yeast Extract,Distilled Vinegar), Corn Oil,Sugar, Spice Extracts,Colour
E160C,Salt,Garlic,Flavour Enhancer:E621;Soy Sauce (Water,Soy beans,Wheat,Salt,Alcohol),Yeast Extract,Red Pepper Powder.

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