About Doufu Mart ...

  • “We simply want to deliver the best available fresh and healthy food and recipes to your doorstep.”— Mr Doufu


About The Store

      Tofu sounds as Doufu in China. It is one of the most commonly consumed food across Asian countries because of its healthy nutrition and effects. We are named Doufu because we aim to bring you the most health and authentic Southeast Asian food and recipes to you.

      We source quality food and recipes locally and internationally, e.g. from New Covent Garden to Smithfield, from Japan to Spain. Our objectives are to deliver the authentic East Asian cuisines with fresh and quality local produce, and bring your home food memories with you.


Why Should choose us?

We only put authentic, quality and fresh products on the shelves. We have tried each of our products before launching it.
We love our earth. We constantly seek organic and environmental friendly producers and suppliers to work with.
We can be your personal food shopper and tailor-made. Just let us know what is your enquiry, we will meet and deliver it.