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100% Iberico Pork Pluma (+/- 300g) 黑毛猪梅花肉

100% Iberico Pork Pluma (+/- 300g) 黑毛猪梅花肉

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Plum blossom meat is the neck and back spine of the fourth and fifth rib area of the pig. Therefore the meat is tendonless. Combining fat and lean, skewed a little bit to leaness, this piece of meat can be said to be the most tender piece of meat on the pig. It is suitable for making barbecued pork (Char siu) and dumpling stuffing, etc. Meanwhile, the fact that the Iberico pork does not have the slightest stink, it is the first choice for potluck parties!

梅花肉是猪的第四、第五肋条部位的颈背脊肉。 因此肉中无筋,肥瘦相间,但相对瘦肉更充分一点,这块肉可以说是猪身上最嫩的一块肉。适宜做叉烧、饺子馅等,结合黑毛猪没有丝毫膻味的特点,堪称聚餐派对首选!

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