Kaman Crispy Phoenix Egg Rolls Assam Milk Tea Flavour



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Kaman crispy phoenix egg rolls Assam milk tea flavour in sharing bag, great for Grab & Go.

Phoenix Egg Rolls is a spin off of the Crunchy Egg rolls with delicious fillings. So you can taste more flavours and textures than ordinary egg rolls. These Crispy Cookies light yet substantial and like many Chinese treats, they’re not overly sweet.

Kaman Phoenix Egg Rolls is very cute in packaging but it is also great in taste. This is not the normal phoenix egg rolls which is hollow inside but it is filled with Assam milk tea flavour filling. It has a rich taste of Taiwan Assam milk tea flavour that we would recommend to those who love egg rolls and Assam milk tea, it makes a great combination. It is a great visual and taste sensation at the same time! Yummy!

The famous Kaman brand is wildly popular in Asia – these crispy egg roll treats are light, crispy, and are not overly sweet. These egg rolls are often given as a gift and are popular around the holidays!

Zero Trans Fats.

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Ingredient: Wheat Flour, Sugar, Refined Vegetable Oil, Non-Dairy Creamer, Glucose, Maltose Syrup, Egg, Milk Powder, Soya Lecithin, Raising Agent (E500), Colour (E160a), Flavouring Essence, Salt.


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