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Full Blood A5 Wagyu Steak 200g


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This wagyu steak (sirloin or ribeye depending on stock availability) is freshly aired from Japan to the UK. 200g of this full blood Japanese wagyu is a good taster session and let you experience full flavour of the beef from the East.  A glass red or sake is recommended to go with.

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‘Wagyu’ translates simply as ‘Japanese cattle’. And under this umbrella term are four official Wagyu breeds: the Japanese Black, the Japanese Brown, the Japanese Poll and the Japanese Shorthorn.

Popular Wagyu Cut
Popular Wagyu Cuts

The most popular breed of Wagyu is the Japanese Black, accounting for over 90% of the country’s cattle. Within the Japanese Black breed, there are three bloodlines—Tajima, Kedaka and Shimane—and only pure Tajima, bred, raised and slaughtered in the Hyogo Prefecture are certified as Kobe beef (神户牛). Tajima Wagyu is prized for its ability to develop extremely high degrees of marbling and refined, rich sweetness and unique aroma.

Each year, only a few thousand cows are certified Kobe, making it exceedingly rare. To qualified as Kobe beef, below standards must be meet.

  • BMS (Beef Marbling Standard) of 6 or higher
  • A yield score (percentage of edible parts) of A or B
  • A gross carcass weight of 470kg or less
  • Fine meat texture and excellent firmness
Wagyu beef scoring
Wagyu beef scoring

All our beef are cut, sealed and aired from Japan, it may weight slightly different but we always give more in weight. If no closer cut available, we will contact you and let you know.

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