FC Tofu Fish 200g



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Fish Paste (Protein Of Threadfin Bream (Nemipterus spp.) And Purple- Spotted Bigeye (Priacanthus Tayenus) Caught in Indian Ocean/ Pacific Ocean, FAO: 57/71), Water, Soybean Oil, Potato Starch, Egg Albumen, Isolated Soy Protein, Sugar, Soy Sauce, Salt, Glucose, Flavour Enhancer (Monosodium Glutamate (E621)), Sorbitol (E420), Stabilizer E450ii E451i.

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FC Tofu Fish 200g 泰一豆腐鱼
First Choice Seafood provides a comprehensive selection of fish and seafood. First Choice Fish Tofu is among the Fish Paste selection, a perfect combination between fish and tofu.


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