BAICAOWEI Millet Crisp Crust



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It uses Shanxi millet, healthy vegetable oil, and secret spices. After 6 processes of traditional old craftsmanship: steaming, mixing, forming, frying, filtering oil, and seasoning, it is made into crisp and spicy flakes to satisfy your palate.

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Produce of China


Millet, vegetable oil, corn starch, spicy spices (zucekr, salt, beef powder spice, chicken powder spice, chilli powder, monosodium glutamate, yeast extract, dehydrated onion powder, spices, compound acid-hydrolysed vegetable egg, morse spice powder, carbohydrate dehydration, salt dehydrated vegetable proteid 5′-flavored nucleotide, disodium, flavoring, paprika, citric acid, aspartame (contains phenylalanine)), tert-butylhydroquinone



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